Rod Stock

Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock is available in Virgin Natural and Color, Reprocessed Blends, and Modified Grades. A variety of standard colors and blends are readily available for specific requirements.

  • Extruded In Diameters From 1/4″ to 8″
  • 1/4″ to 7/8″ Are Extruded to (+/-) Tolerance
  • 1″ And Larger Extruded (+) Tolerance Only
  • Available In Virgin, Reprocessed, & Enhanced Formulations
  • Inventoried in Standard 10 ft. Lengths
  • Custom Lengths & Colors Upon Special Request
  • Doweled, Close Tolerance Available In Diameters From 1″ to 3″

Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock is normally extruded oversize to allow for machining to nominal dimensions. However, sizes 1/4″ diameter through 7/8″ diameter are extruded to a closer tolerance.IMG_1567

Larger diameters (7″ & 8″ diameters) of Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock are available in custom lengths as short as 12″.

Artek extrudes a full compliment of Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock sizes. Artek also maintains an extensive inventory level of all sizes in Virgin Natural, Virgin colors, and Reprocessed Blends.

Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Rod Stock maintains excellent roundness and a smooth surface, which often eliminates costly centerless grinding. Centerless grinding is available for customers who want sizes closer to the nominal dimension.