Quarter Sheet

Duravar Extruded Quarter Sheet provides you an alternative to buying, transporting, handling, cutting, and wasting full sheet products. When purchasing traditional full size sheet products, for cut-to-size jobs, two common problems exist that may increase costs; Excessive handling time and minimized material yield, which is costly to any organization. Utilizing Duravar Extruded Quarter Sheet will enhance your profit margins by reducing labor and minimizing yield loss.

  • Thickness’ Range From 3/8″ to 2″Quarter Sheet Photo
  • Standard Widths of 12″ – All Thicknesses
  • Standard Inventory Lengths are 5 ft. & 10 ft.
  • Lengths Up To 40 ft. Upon Request
  • Custom Close Tolerance Planing Available Upon Request

Duravar Quarter Sheet is extruded to close thickness tolerances to eliminate extensive machining labor and costs to reach nominal thickness dimensions. Artek’s “In-Line Stress Relieving” Process minimizes the waste that is normally generated due to product distortion (warping or bowing) in the machining and/or stripping process. Artek’s “In-Line Stress Relieving” Process also minimizes the internal stress’ created in the traditional extrusion process.

Duravar Extruded Quarter Sheet is available in Virgin Natural and FDA Color Formulations, Reprocessed Blends, and Modified Grades for Enhanced Performance to meet your demanding application requirements.

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