Guide Rail & Components

Duravar Guide Rail Difference

Artek utilizes a specialized crimping process to lock the Duravar UHMW-PE Guide Rail Profile Shape permanently in place to create a solid Guide Rail that eliminates the potential for hidden contamination.

Artek’s specialized crimping process also Guide Rail Profileslocks the Duravar UHMW-PE Guide Rail Shape tightly in place to reduce the linear shrinkage problems experienced by competitive UHMW Profile Shapes in the Stainless Steel Sheaves. This specialized crimping process also creates a stronger lock between the Duravar UHMW-PE Guide Rail Shape and the 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Sheave, minimizing the gaping and perking that occurs on  competitive rails when they are formed into curved shapes.

The Duravar UHMW-PE Profile Shape and 304 Stainless Steel Sheave is married solidly together so that liquids or material fines cannot penetrate beyond the Guide Rails mating surfaces. Artek’s Duravar Guide Rails meet the requirements set forth by FDA for food contact applications, USDA Standards for handling meat and poultry, and 3-A Sanitary Standards for contact surfaces of dairy equipment.

This solid combination of Duravar Chain Conveyor Application 05UHMW-PE and 304 Stainless Steel creates strength and rigidity while featuring Low Coefficient of Friction to minimize rail drag on rapid moving products. It also features Non-Absorbant Properties to eliminate rust and corrosion while promoting easy-to-maintain and clean, sanitary surfaces.

Artek’s Guide Rail Accessories

Clips Current01 SplicersSingle & Double Clamps

Artek offers several Guide Rail Accessories to complete the package. Artek Clamps, Clips, and Splicers are now available in a one-stop-shop.

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