Flat Stock

Why waste your valuable time and labor cutting full sheet into standard strip widths just to generate costly unwanted scrap material? Improve your margins and reduce your waste with a quick phone call to Artek.

Duravar UHMW-PE Flat Stock is extruded to close thickness tolerances to eliminate extensive machining labor and costs to reach nominal thickness dimensions. Artek’s “In-Line Stress Relieving” Process minimizes the waste that is normally generated due to product distortion (warping or bowing) in the machining and/or stripping process. Artek’s “In-Line Stress Relieving” process also minimizes the internal stress’ created in the traditional extrusion process.

  • Flat Stock 1aCost Savings Option To Heavy Gauge Full Sheet With Material Yield And Labor Reduction
  • Very Large Assortment of Thicknesses & Widths
  • Extruded To Thicknesses From 1/8″ to 3″
  • Extruded To Widths From 1/2″ to 11″
  • Available In Virgin, Reprocessed, & Enhanced Formulations
  • Available From Stock In 10′ Lengths
  • Custom Colors & Lengths Upon Special Request
  • Coiled Stock Available In Certain Sizes

When ordering Duravar UHMW-PE Extruded Flat Stock From Artek, Inc. you eliminate saw cut waste, reduce internal labor costs, and improve profit margins. Duravar Extruded To Size Flat Stock is produced to close thickness and width tolerances to minimize secondary machining process’ normally required before the product can be put into application. Artek extrudes Duravar UHMW-PE Flat Stock in a full range of thickness’ and widths to meet a variety of application requirements.

Coil StockDuravar UHMW-PE Extruded Flat Stock in thickness’ of 3/4″ and greater are inventoried in standard 10 ft. lengths. Thinner gauges are also available in 100 ft. and 250 ft. coils upon special request. Duravar Extruded Flat Stock is available in Virgin Natural, FDA Color Formulations, Reprocessed Blends, and Modified Grades for Enhanced Performance to meet your demanding application requirements.


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